Graduation in Texas

Sarah's finished her master's degree! Sarah having to study has been part of our relationship since it started. It was only a few weeks after she signed up for the course that we started chatting over Skype. And now, she's done. :D

This last weekend involved my first trip to Texas (that didn't involve going through the airport) so Sarah could graduate (she's been studying online).

Saturday was very busy for us. We went to the Drumright High School graduation in the morning, then jumped in the car for the 4 hour journey to Arlington, TX.

American graduations are a bit different to what I'm used to. There was a lot more whooping and cheering than I expected. I never knew that decorating mortar boards is a thing. And it seems that the tune that most American students enter their graduations to is one of the most patriotically British songs that exists. That seemed a bit, well, odd.

On the way home the next day, we made a detour past Turner Falls.

The day Sarah picked me up from the airport in Dallas, we passed sign that I missed getting a photo of. I wasn't missing my opportunity this time.

That's only one of 16 photos I took in quick succession...