Hello, world!

Hi. My name is Shaun.

In May 2014, I discovered a community of mathematics teachers who use blogging and twitter, known as the Math-Twitter-Blogosphere, or MTBoS. I started my own blog, The Prime Factorisation of Me, thinking it would help me become a better teacher. And that definitely did happen.

But I didn't expect it to completely change my life.

I quickly became friends with one particular member of the MTBoS, Sarah, who writes Math Equals Love. Then we became best of friends. And roughly one year after I started my blog, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.

definitive proof

Anyway, it's 2016 now, which is going to be craziest year of my life. I've finished up teaching at Kaniva College and moved out of my house. I'm moving to Oklahoma to be with Sarah in a few weeks and marrying her a short time after that. I never imagined I would ever do anything that made me this excited and this nervous in my life, but here we are.

So, I'm starting a new blog. I know I already have one, but I want the focus of The Prime Factorisation of Me to stay on math teaching. I want somewhere else I can share this adventure I'm starting. I guess the intended audience for this one is my friends rather than other teachers. If you feel like you want to fit into both categories, go ahead and read both blogs. :)

You can read the previous time I wrote about our engagement here and Sarah's version of the story here.