Summer Vacation Day 2: Silver Dollar City

When I first mentioned to Sarah that I'd never been to a theme park, or ridden a roller-coaster, she felt like this was something we should rectify. So, day 2 of our trip was spent at Silver Dollar City, an 1880s theme park.

We didn't get many photos, because we spent most of our time on rides and other attractions. But here is us riding a train.

And Sarah milking a fake cow.

So, I rode a roller-coaster. Actually, we rode three. And for the people wondering, no, I didn't scream my head off. I think that's because my reaction was more stunned silence. But I did really enjoy it. As I told someone yesterday, it was fun, in a "glad I don't have to do that again" kind of way. There are a couple of bigger, faster roller-coasters in the park than what we rode, but we didn't think they were necessary.

The scariest thing we actually did was the Giant Barn Swing, which swung through 230° and up to 7 stories high. Swinging past horizontal, then flying back towards the ground while facing down was rather terrifying.

The coolest (literally, given the temperature of the day) thing we did was going through Marvel Cave. This was actually the original attraction at Branson, which led to the theme park growing around it. The cave was spectacular. That said, the tour guide was a bit over-enthusiastic about being entertaining. It also involved the Doctor Who theme tune being played at one point, which needless to say was rather strange.

Our favorite rides were basically anything that involved water. It really was hot that day.

The last thing we did was watch a variety show they put on in this open air amphitheater.