Summer Vacation Day 3: Hiking

Day 3 didn't involve the crowds of the day before, which suited a couple of introverts like us just fine. :)

In the morning we went to the Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation Area for a hike. We tried to get going early, because it was going to be very hot (like pretty much every day on this trip), but it was still very warm. We specifically chose the "Streamside Trail", because it would be cooler. Sadly, the stream was dry. Regardless, the walk gave us some great views.

After wandering around a supermarket for ages and deciding they didn't have anything we'd want for lunch, we grabbed Subway instead and headed for Table Rock Lake.

After eating lunch, we waded in the water a little, then decided we wanted to change into bathers so we could have a proper swim. But, once we got back to our hotel, the air conditioning was just a little too good for us to want to leave.

Sorry I've fallen behind on these, school preparation has kinda taken priority lately.