Summer Vacation Day 4: Downtown Branson

It came in rainy on day 4, so we decided to have a less outdoorsy kind of day.

After doing some outlet shopping (starting to make up for not having brought many clothes with me from Australia), we headed towards the historic downtown area of Branson. Unfortunately, because of the weather, many other people had the same idea. Or were just trying to leave town. Regardless, we spent a lot of time of a highway that really wasn't designed for the amount of traffic on it that day...

Eventually we made it and found a place to park. Not really having a plan for the day, we spotted a nearby Salvation Army store. Within moments of walking inside, I had someone tap me on the shoulder and ask if I could help them carry a couch to their trailer outside the store. After successfully navigating the narrow doorway, and having to turn down the couple's offer of payment for helping, I headed back inside, wondering where my wife had disappeared. I should've known Sarah had found the book section at the back of the store.

Lunch was in a small cafe on the main street. I'm pretty certain it was the best burger and fries I've ever had.

We headed to nearby 'Branson Landing', which is some sort of shopping/dining/entertainment/hotels complex. We don't really know. We never went inside. We just walked along the lake. They did have this fancy fountain thing, in which they have water dancing in time to music on the hour.

We were most excited about the fish (I think it was a rainbow trout, don't trust my judgement about fish though) that was swimming calmly along the edge of the lake as we were walking along next to it.

We decided to take a long detour back to the hotel, finding this lookout with a great view of Table Rock Dam along the way.